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About Us

  • Springnet1 is a full-service internet company founded in 1995. We offer national high-speed internet connections, wireless internet, dial-up internet, as well as website design and hosting.

    Springnet1 has been fortunate to have a dedicated and caring staff, always working to assist customers in the most direct and economical fashion. Springnet1's staff has done considerable amounts of consulting through the years including network design and maintenance, server setup, and ongoing administration and custom programming.

    Springnet1 has always been a leader in its industry. If you are not a customer, we would be pleased to welcome you to the Springnet1 customer family. If you are already a customer, we appreciate your business.

    If you would like to subscribe to Springnet1, you may e-mail or dial 888-232-1716.

Mission Statement

Our success will not be measured by above average profits, or being first or the largest. Our success will be measured by our customers; their continued willingness for us to provide services and products, their willingness to freely refer business to us. Satisfied, very satisfied customers is our goal, our objective, our mission.